28 May 2013

Dreaming for Two Years

       After thinking and dreaming about something like this to happen for two years it seems like a dream come true now that it's actually coming together.  There is less than two weeks left to pack and spend with friends, but each day my excitement grows by that much.  I am aware that this experience is a once in a life-time (and not in everyones life-time at that) but my excitement just grows more and more.

       The process of organizing something like this has a lot of steps, number one is you have to know what kind of boat you want, how big you want it to be, and then buy it.  Number two is to know where you are going to start out the trip (you can't plan all of it because a lot of the places you go will depend on weather, health issues, and other things) because then you will know where you want the boat to be. Number three is to figure out what equipment you will need or/and want, and then buy that stuff.  There really isn't a number four unless you consider packing a step.


05 May 2013

Almost Ready.

Me sailing with my sister.

What every body tells me about the trip we're going on  is so exiting but what I think is going to be so exiting is all the places we're going to see.

 My dad is talking to my grandfather and telling him how to axess an app on his ipad that can see where we're traveling.I'm also exited about making new friends. When ever we go to a new place I want to make some new friends.

I am also looking forward to learning new sports and games and also teaching other kids how to play soccer for instance.

My dad said that in one place these kids from a town that  we  are going to visite would get up early and play a soccer game each morning I thought that was pretty awesome even though I didn't really like the geting up early part of it. But I would like to try it any way.

Kids playing soccer in Cartagena

04 May 2013

Getting Ready For Our Trip.

Dafne our boat

I'm very exited about sailing around the Caribbean I'm looking forward to drinking coconut milk and tasting new kinds of foods and also seeing exotic  plants.

All my dad and mom do is talk about getting stuff for the boat its very confusing. They got me a stand up paddle board for my birthday they also got underwater lights that connect to the boat and attract fish. My dad explained  it all to me and made me do some math. You have to be very smart to live on a boat, and also you have to know how to sail a big boat. I know how to sail a small boat, but even so I think I'll be very good at sailing a big boat.

Were going to do even more shopping when we get to ST. martin 
"I can't wait. It's going to be so fun." Not really, but once we're out of that mess we'll be off and going.


A picture of St. Martin