29 August 2013

Grand Anse

The Grand Anse is a resort.

 When are boat got hulled witch is taken out of the water by big machines.We stayed at the Grand anse resort.


 The resort was awesome it had a really big pool that had water falls in it.There were also bridges leading to other sections of the pool.

 It was the most awesomest resort I had ever known on the  other hand the rooms were not that great for a sweet. But just wate there was another pool ... That was aSquare !!! But the thing was that it was really deep so it was still fun.

Riding the Waves

When our friends came to visit we were really excited. We had been counting down the days until they came and when they arrived we were so happy.

Their names are Shainee  and Nira.

Once we went sailing. There were  huge waves so we went out on the trampoline.Whenever the boat went up in the air  we jumped.  When the boat crashed down we were still in the air, but the boat was still down on waves so it makes you feel like you jumped really high. It was fun.

 One time shainee, my sisters friend jumped really high and fell. She was laughing so hard that she couldn't get up and every time she tried, a wave would nock her down. It was very funny and she thought it was funny to.



Carnival is a big tradition in the native Grenadian culture.  Women and men, boys and girls, dress up in costumes and participate in a big parade.  Lots of people lined the streets and we were among them.

First came the group representing excitement:

Then came the group representing sadness:

Then came the group representing anger:

Then came the group representing pity, sadness and sympathy:

After that the kids came:

First pink:

Then blue:

Then green:

Then orange:

Then the boys:

Checkered white and black:

Then all together:

28 August 2013

The Marlin Crew


The day well rather the night we met Maya and Lena we had just gone swimming and were back at the boat hanging out when they just dinged  up to are boat and said hello. it was sort of weird cause we didn't know them but they saw the sine that my mom and dad put up about if any boat had kids and wanted to play they could come over. 

We were shy at first then after a few days we were laughing together and some how we brought up the game monopoly.When ever they were at are boat we always played monopoly Evan though I always lost and Stella  always won 
Then when we got to grenade there was a camp that they went to so we joined them in the camp the first day we went kayaking I brought Lena with me it was really fun. the island  that had the camp was called
Hog Island we had a lot of fun there. And that is what we did together and how we met. 

09 August 2013

10 things my boat kid can do (or not)

As with everything, our kids are adjusting and adapting at a rate much faster than their parents. Jade, the youngest, is already completely transformed into a boat kid. By the end of the summer she may not even remember life on land. Like languages, life is absorbed at a fast pace at this age. Like all things, this has its pros and its cons. I'll leave you to judge the merits of the following, while I lay out some things my five year old can and cannot do.

1. My five year old does not know her left from her right.

2. My five year old can identify port from starboard.

3. She cannot keep track of her shoes.

4. She can grab a dock from a fast approaching dinghy and tie a cleat in 10 seconds.

5. She can drive that dinghy.

6. She can no longer be trusted to buckle herself into a booster seat.

7. She knows when and how to put on her harness and tether herself to the jack line.

8. She cannot read.

9. She can use a VHF radio to call her friends.

10. She cannot keep sand out of her bed.

06 August 2013


We arrived in Grenada two days ago and since then we've been having lots of fun.  The first night we were here we went straight away to a little beach on Hog Island.  Many kids were already there because it was an off day for camp and most kids went to the beach.  We met two girls who were chartering a boat for eight weeks, but because they wanted to keep going on their adventure and not stay in one place for too long, they left the next day.

Yesterday morning we had computer work to do so we dinghy-ed over to The Phare Bleu Marina and worked over there.  After we got our work done we went swimming in the pool and had luch and lounged in the lounge chairs.  We got so distracted we were late for camp, so we had to hurry to get there and by the time we did they were already playing games.  

Camp is just a family that has  organized 3 weeks of kids camp and each day we do something different: on monday we did basic and long distance kayaking, yesterday we played beach games, today we're going to do some kayaking races, and tomorrow we will do Hobie-cat sailing.  Overall we just get to meet some of the other kids in the harbor and swim and play together on Hog Island.  The living creatures on Hog Island are a race of crabs, bugs, goats, and a cow, but there are many hidden trails and paths and mysterious little beaches with palm trees and mangroves.