30 October 2013


It doesn't feel like Halloween here, but I guess it never will.  I usually associate Halloween with the time when it's starting to go cold, but where I am it never does!  The weather changes have thrown me off and I only just remembered about it when another cruising friend invited me to their Halloween party, and now I'm rushing to catch up!

Halloween on a tropical island isn't very easy at all, especially if you're weeks behind, and the day before Halloween I'm still out and searching for gold paint!

I'm going to be Athena, one of the Olympian goddesses, which would've  a very easy costume to put together back in Philly, but not here!

29 October 2013

The gohst's of Kleine Bonaire

Once upon a time there was a little island called bonaire.

 Over a few years ships came and settled on the island.  Some people went out on a stretch of land that they named Kleine Bonaire (Little Bonaire)

They built a house and lived for many happy years, but one day there was a storm.  It got bigger and bigger, there was thunder and lightning, they were hiding in there house when a spooky voice came from the closet.  It said, "You will die by the hand of JOHN RUBISKY!".

After that no one knew what had happened to the poor family and that's why Keine Bonaire is deserted.

five years later another family came to Bonaire.  They said, "Why is that little part of Bonaire abandoned?" "Its beautiful, I think we will go build a house there." So they built a house.

After a few months, another terrible storm raged and again the family died by the hand of

The people that lived on the other parts of bonaire were wondering what all this spooky business

Finally they decided that the little part of bonaire would have to stay abandoned.  They put moorings where boats could tie up too for the day, but NOT over night.

                                        After  that every one lived happily ever after,

                                                 but they still wondered who JOHN RUBISKY was.

28 October 2013

Our Hammock

Recently we got a Hammock.  It's striped and made out of thick cloth, but we only have one, and at first we couldn't agree on  it.  

One day we all sat down and devised a system for using the Hammock.  Our system is similar to the used by libraries for sharing computers, where if someone is using the computer you can sign up as the next person to use it and the erson currently on it gets 15 more minutes on it then has to give it up.  ours is basically the same, but the person in the hammock gets 30 more minutes instead of 15.


In Bonaire there's a place called Loc Bay.  It's a big bay full of clear shallow water.  On the beach there's a beach resort and a windsurfing place called Jibe city.  Our friends in Bonaire are expert windsurfers and the mom an instructor, so one day we all went and took a windsurfing lesson.

A windsurf is a foam board bearing a resemblance to a surfboard.  It has a small, stiff, sail with a metal oval encircling it.  

To start our instructor led us out a ways to avoid crashing into the lines that mark off the sea creature breeding ground.  To mount you climb up onto the board on your knees then stand.  The next step is to haul up the mast and hold onto it with your front hand.  From there you can easily grab hold of the boom with your back hand, and adjust your position to a bow-and-arrow-like pose.

And that's how you windsurf!

18 October 2013

Juliana, the Feistiest Horse on the Ranch

At the horse-ranch in Bonaire we take horse-back-riding lessons.  Im one of the oldest, so the instructor usually puts me  on the feistiest horse, Juliana.  Even though I'm one of the most skilled in the horse-back-riding class, I found her hard to handle.  

Sometimes she would buck and bark and try to throw me off.  One time she got close enough to kick another horse, making them both panic before I could rein her in.  Next time Im not going on her!

Kleine Bonaire

Kleine Bonaire is an abandoned island right off of Bonaire.  Bonaire is a Dutch island and kleine is Dutch for little.  The whole of Bonaire is a marine park so there's fantastic snorkeling all around Kleine Bonaire and other parts of Bonaire also.  So far I've been to Kleine Bonaire 2 times, one time we went with my grandparents for a snorkeling trip, then a couple days later we repeated the exact same trip with our Marlin friends. 

Both times I snorkeled there I saw tons and tons of fish, but the dominating breed was the Parrotfish.  After both snorkels we researched in our reef fish book and looked up the fish we saw.  A lot of times over 50% of the fish we saw were Parrotfish!

Later after a few days had passed after both snorkel trips, we found out that another fish we had been seeing a lot of, was also a Parrotfish! (even if it was the baby version of it) 

Mincrafts Amasing

Minecraft is a game on the Internet. Theres two versions of it, creative or survival.

 I like creative because you can just build whatever you want without worrying about monsters but you can try survival.

When me and my sister and my friend Astrid figured out how to all be on the same world in minecraft we couldn't take are eyes away from the screen.

Its amazing how you can all be on the same world and you can see each other.

But some times the other people get a little annoying bumping in to you and whatnot.

have you ever tried minecraft because I think

                                                        minecraft is amazing.

15 October 2013

Donkeys galor

One day in bonaire some friends were going to go to the donkey santuary. They had had a fun day at sorobon the windsurfing beach. 

At 4:00 they drove over to the donkey sanctuary to look at the donkeys they bought some carrots at the gift shop to give to the donkeys.

They drove through the big fenced in space were there were almost 500 donkeys. They sat in the back of the truck with the adults in the front. As they drove past the donkeys they stuck there heads in the truck.

They fed them the carrots as they drove past, the donkeys would chase after them for more treats. Donkeys are surprisingly good at begging.

After they came back from the adult donkeys, they saw the babys there was a new born only eight days old.  
                                                                donkeys are CUTE!!!

05 October 2013

The green back turtle 

When my grandma and grandpa came to  Bonaire to visit us we motored over to cline bonaire thats soposed to be the best snorkeling in bonaire.

 On a friday we went over to snorkel, me and my mom are snorkeling buddys so we hoped in the water with are snorkeling stuff we swam up against the current we saw tuns of fish, later on my mom started pointing and pulling my hand urgently at first I was like mommy are you going crazy then I saw a little baby turtle it was so cute I looked at the shell and said to myself thats a green back turtle. It was amazing.

                                               I love turtles.