29 November 2013

jade and the street food

this is jugos  
this is street food

this is my favorite food. empanada

more street food

this is cofe .here we cal it tinto

this is mi favorite

The New Normal

In the town of Santa Marta we have developed a new normal.  Every morning We have breakfast (Desayuno in spanish) and do school.  We can decide what and where we do school and it only lasts till  noon.  after school we play with the other kids on the dock, mainly Darien from Byamee and Ronia from Priscalina.  With Darien we do all kinds of things, from ripsticking in the park to make overs at her boat, but with Ronia we can't do much since she's only 7 months old.

In the evening we go into town and positively gorge ourselves on the crazy good street food they have available.  Then we wander around until we're too tired to walk another step, then we head for home.  It's a crazy schedule, but one that works for the whole family and is easy to complete.


Darien with make up on.
After school on Tuesday I went over to byamee, where my friend Darien lives. I asked if we could do makeovers Darien said "yes."

She had a lot of makeover stuff.

 She also wanted to do makeovers we decided that we would do each other however we wanted, Darien has lots and lots of stuff she has eye shadow and eye liner an nail polish also she has lip stick.

I did Darien first. I put some green on part of her eye lid and blue on the other part then some purple on the part of her cheek I did the opposite under her  eye.

I did it over again on the other eye after that I put lip stick on her "oh no I forgot the blush" I said so I went over to the eye shadow tray and picked the crazy-ist color white I don't know why I picked this I just thought  this will be crazy.

I spread it all over her cheeks then went back and got some green on my little pom-pom thing I put one dot on her cheek in the the middle .I put the same thing on her other cheek and two more on the outside of the dot.

                                                       She looked like a clown!!!!


22 November 2013


It was my moms birthday.
me and my mom in a hammock

 We were going to go to a place called Minca.

 It took about an hour to get there from Santa Marta when we got there a old guy started yelling in Spanish my dad just ignored him and walked up the stairs.

 We walked and walked up and up until I couldn't walk any more and then finally we reached a little cottage a woman just smiled and pointed up some more stairs.

 There was a little sign  that said KEEP GOING I said "very encouraging" the next sign said FREE WIFI well don't you think that is sort of encouraging.

  We walked up a few more flights of stairs then finally I  saw what looked like a social area we sat down on a bench and a girl walked up to us and asked "do you want a glass water" "no thanks we brought our own."

the cutest dog ever 
Linea the girl took us to our rooms which have Miskito netting around the bed and Miskito nets on the window and bug spray on the table after we saw the rooms we went to the social area there were hammock and a sofa and some people.

Jade how ever did not go strait for the hammock or the sofa she had spotted a white chair that swung back and forth I laid down on a really low hammock Stella started pushing Jade hwo bumped into me and I started swinging.
                                                           It's the best game ever!!!!!!!!!

21 November 2013

Casa Loma

For my moms birthday we went to Minca an stayed at an Eco Lodge called La Loma/Casa Loma.  Casa Loma had lots of pets, they had 5 pets and each one was very cute:





Narese Blanca

Every morning a Yoga instructor did classes on a porch in the forest.  One day after a Yoga class the instructor set up a stretchy piece of fabric and demonstrate  how to climb up it towards the tree branch and did cool tricks.  after he taught us how to do it he let us try:

15 November 2013

Limonada Adventures

Cutting the limes.
We had just arrived in Santa Marta Colombia yesterday. Today we're going on a trip into town with our friends. The Kid's name is Darien she lives on a little boat named Byamee. We had some other friends that Darien introduced to us. The girl's name is Cassandra. We all met on the dock with our backpacks and stuff like that. Partly why my mom went into town is because she wanted to get a chip, which is how you can use wifi. My mom and dad are really concerned about wifi. Joyce, the mother of Darien, knew a place called tigo it sold chips for the ipad or ipod even a iPhone.

At the place called tigo there was a bin of old iPhone cases. All the kids went over and started sorting them into the different colors. When I looked over at the adults Joyce was sipping what looked like a lime juice freshly squeezed. My mom really wanted one, so my dad, my sister, and I went out on a street. And right there across the street there was a little stand that had lime juice. We walked over and said "we would like to have a lime juice." Of course we said it in Spanish. The guy behind the stand took a big spoon and dipped it into a square tank with white-ish stuff which I guess is something other than lime juice because then he took a lime from the pile of limes and cut the top off then cut two cuts one way and two cuts the opposite way. After he cut it open he put it in a little metal thing that he squeezed and the lime juice came out the bottom.

                                                                   It was delicious.
The man putting the lime juice in the cup.

The squeezer 

Santa Marta

     Santa Marta Colombia is a culture filled place and we've had fun walking the streets of this city.  Last night we went out to have a stroll at 7;00, and it was just as busy at any hour in the day!  We've feasted on street food, Arapas (corn meal buns stuffed with meat and cheese), Shishkabobs, and Limonada, the lime drink that is practically a staple in Colombian food!

This is a Limonada stand we bought from late in the evening.  Because it's so hot here more people are out at 8:00 than at 11:00.

Many nights we've disregarded our own kitchen, settling instead for the cheap, but delicious food-stands we find on the streets of Santa Marta.  Our  impression of Santa Marta has so far been amazing, everything is cheap, the food is wonderful, and we've had a very good time.

11 November 2013


We left Curacao a few days ago and are just getting into Santa Marta.  Yesterday evening we were all still up and awake, when there was a tug on the fishing line!  So far we hadn't caught one fish in our sailing adventure, even though one passage we had trolled the line for 4 days! My dad reeled it in and for a while we could see it, skimming along the waves a few meters away.  My dad hoisted it onto our boat and we could see it was a black-fin tuna.  My dad butchered it and we put it away for another meal, wile we all settled down for the night.  

The next day my sisters and I were sitting around, my mom was sailing the boat, and my dad was taking a nap, when the fishing line suddenly gave a sharp jerk and an odd buzzing sound! my mom yelled for me and I yelled for y dad until everybody was in the cockpit and looking and the rod.  It was a deep sea fishing line and very hard to reel in, but what made it really difficult for my dad was not only the size of the fish,  although it was no skipjack, but the distraction that came at that moment.  My dad was in the midst of trying to reel in this huge fish when the other line let out a call!  My dad told me and my sister, Cleo to attend to that while he struggled on with the original fish.  Cleo and I wrestled the line back onto the spool, watching the beautiful fish jump through rainbows above the water, and finally succeeded in hauling a Mahi-Mahi (Dolphin fish) onto the boat.  

My dad left the fishing rod for the time being and helped us subdue the thrashing creature, calling my mom over to watch, but she was busy trying to clean up a coffee spill that was threatening to break the electronics that she had left on the helm-seat.  Through all this commotion the wind had sped up and the waves grown larger and larger until the boat was listing sickeningling to the starboard side.  I took pictures of the Mahi-Mahi and got my dads sailing gloves for him, ducking under the main-sheet every time I wanted to reach him.  In the end we lost the big fish but, thinking back on it, I don't think we could've eaten it anyway, what with the two other good-sized fish we had already caught on that passage.

jade and the mahi mahi

We caught a mai mahi. We caught another fish. We decided to eat the mahi mahi another night. Cleo had to stay with the fish so that it didn't jump overboard, and she did a good job. It was good for dinner.

The End

09 November 2013

Tuna Tales

My dad holding the fish
We were going on a passage.

We started in the morning and sailed the whole day.

All that day we had the fishing lines out but like always we caught nothing.

The next day we put the fishing lines out again. We sat around reading playing games and drawing my dad and mom were sitting in the helm seat.

Suddenly the fishing line went berserk and my dad said, "we got a fish." He ran over to the fishing line and started to reel it in. As soon as we saw the fish jump that was on our line I jumped with joy than it was on the surface and surfing towards us.

 After it was on the boat and dead my dad bled it which is how you get all the blood out.

After we got it all cut up and into a container we put out the line again. Everyone went back to what they were doing.

                                   I love fishing!!!!