27 December 2013

3 Things You Should Know to Design a Museum Scavenger Hunt

When my mom's parents came to visit for Christmas we went to the Inquisition museum in Cartagena. Again. But this time we made a scavenger hunt. 

                  Three things you need to know to make a scavenger hunt:

  1. Rhyme because the questions are harder if you rhyme.
  2. Good eyesight because you need to see the details.
  3. Curiosity because you need to ask questions to find out things 

                                                            Example scavenger  
By Stella Bennett

                                          You have to find

  . The biggest sound maker up very high.

  . The oldest life in the museum-outside.
  . Are you a witch? you'd better not be cause if you are you'll pay the fee.

  . So you've found 1? you little scum up you go to and fro then straight right and there you are in front of the fight.
  . Ten ships and one town to behold, what do you think this is you dolt. 

  . There is work to be done, day after day you go in the morn and come back all a fray. now it is small but it used to be big, life was hard on the big old rig.

  . The water is clear the windmills neer there are 11 ships on a map very dear.

  . To build a house there are 4 steps you know, you will need wood cement bricks and stone.

  . What do you think is locked deep, you'll never know cause you don't get a peek, its iron and wood, and old to the bone.

  . With 5 little homes surrounded by a fence, you'll get the idea they don't want to rent.  

   P.S. My dad and Jade won 

19 December 2013

Inquisition museum

When my grandparents came to see us we moved into a hotel to be near them. On their last morning in Colombia we went to an Inquisition museum. It was all about what kinds of weapons they used to punish slaves. There was also another part of the museum that had all these little figurines of important parts of Cartagena. Since it is very hard to explain what the objects were I have pictures that I hope will help you understand.
figurine of the fort 
map of the old city
house figurines
close up house figurines
My dad on a stretching machine
old fashion ship figurines 

17 December 2013

The Fortress

My grandparents, my aunt and my great uncle, came to visit for an early Christmas celebration and one day we decided to show them one of the great attractions of Cartegena, The Fort.  The Fortress looks like a man-made mountain, made entirely from stone and it slopes up continually until it reaches a flat-topped peak with artillery storing and sentry houses at the corners to watch for enemies.  Now you might be wondering why this massive,impatrenable fortres just to watch over one small town.  Well Cartegena was a major stopping place for the gold and precious jewels that circled through the continent, especially emeralds, one of the rarest stones in the world.  In all of the big churches and temples gold is more common than marble that would be but a fraction of the cost of a small amount of gold in other places, as a result one of the only places you will find a full marble floor is in the Popa, the biggest and oldest monostary in town.


The Fort had no inside except for a labyrinth of tunnels that acted as a last line of defense in the context of a battle.  Each tunnel had cubby holes on each side so that if enemies did venture down there it would be an easy matter to pick them off.  We explored the tunels to an extent but I have the feeling we didn't even get to see half of it.

16 December 2013

Sombreros for sale

My grandma and grandpa came to visite us two weeks before christmas. because they couldn't come on christmas so they brought us presents one of the presents was a shopping spree for the three of us.

First she brought Stella then me and Jade, well actually my mom brought Jade.
We went up to a shop called tennis but it was closed so we walked around the corner and met a sombrero seller he walked up to us and said something in Spanish.

He held out a sombrero witch is a kind of hat my mom stoped and said well Stella does need a new hat. She put hat on my head and said that fits very well so we bought it.

05 December 2013


Ronia is the 7 month old baby that lives on the boat opposite us.  she is really cute, her family is Swiss and their boats name is Priscalina.  When her parents go somewhere or are just doing something that Ronia would just get in the way, we get to babysit her!

She has blond fuzz on her head and big brown eyes, whenever we put her down she starts waving her arms around and wiggling so much we’re afraid she’s going to fall out of her chair!  She can’t walk yet but you can tell she would like to, whenever you stand her up with you supporting her she wiggles and tries to walk and it’s hard to keep her from falling!

02 December 2013

Bumper Cars

We went shopping on Sunday for Christmas presents at Ocean mall in Santa Marta.

I still had to get presents for my grandparents and my sister Stella.

I was going to get Stella some chocolate or candy.

When we walked in to the store Stella went straight over to a little stand and lifted a bar of chocolate up from the stand. On the cover I could see an orange. I walked up and Stella said it's chocolate with oranges yummmm. I had to get Stella that chocolate. I picked it up and said I want this for myself and I can pay.

I also got a pack of Icebreakers. They were really sour.

When we checked out of the store I put the bar of chocolate in my back pack and we walked around for a little. Then we went up stairs to ... the game room. It had bumper cars and everything. Stella said "an arcade."

We begged our mom to let us go on the bumper cars. Finally she let us. They were so fun!!!!!!