31 January 2014


Jumping on the trampoline while sailing is awesome but its way more awesome with friends evan more awesome when there are big waves.

We went sailing three times with our friends all three of the times we jumped, every time the waves just kept getting bigger and MUCH more fun.

The first time the waves were big and fun the littlest girl Viola jumped with me for a while. The second time we jumped I got the middle girl to jump Paloma she kept holding on to me.

The last time was the best there were tremendous waves I got soaked threw it was awesome

                                    BECAUSE JUMPING IS AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!              

29 January 2014

Martinez Brenners

I thought my family was special until I met the Martinez Brenners.

My family lived In Italy and has THREE GIRLS no boys (satisfaction) my parents own their own business CONTEXT TRAVEL. 

The Martinez Brenners also have three girls no boys their parents own their own business, finally we found a match. 

Their three girls names are:

(oldest) Giulia (middle) Paloma (youngest) Viola, the mother is Linda and the father is Steve.

 The girls have dark hair and brown eyes and are just a bit older than us.

They are really big travelers. For a little time they lived in Bali. I also know they went to Puerto Rico and Panama City. They weren’t really here to visit us they were just in town, so we had them stay at our boat for a little while.

It's much different living with ten people than just 5 (In a good way .)

                                            MARTINEZ BRENNERS are AWSOME !!!!!!!!!

07 January 2014

The Good and Bad Pancakes

One day when I woke up I decided to make pancakes. I went to my mom and asked her to get a pancake recipe. She got me a recipe and gave her ipad to me so I could look at the recipe and make pancakes. I got out all the ingredients and started mixing them in a bowl. after a little bit my mom came over to help me I started cracking the eggs into the bowl but then my mom said that's not how you do it. She showed me how to do it. I did the rest. But then she said again you weren't s'posed to put everything in one bowl you were s'posed to read the instructions. By this time I was feeling pretty bad I had probably just ruined every ones breakfast. Well we'll just have to try it this way and next time the other way said my mom.


I put some batter in the pan and waited till it only had a few bubbles in it then I flipped it I was disappointed  in what I saw it wasn't light brown like I wanted it to I looked back at the pan ad saw that two other pancakes had to many bubbles so I flipped them on the other side of both of them it was light brown and perfect it was the best miracle in the world they were perfection they tasted even better i made thousand for every one.

Final perfection
Final perfection 
Final perfection

05 January 2014

The Mud Baths

  Cleo, my friend Hazel, her dad and I
(try to figure out who is who)

My friend Hazel and her family came to visit us after my grandparents.  On the first day we showed them the fort and took them around town, but the second day was a real hit, we went to a volcanic mud bath!  We hired a driver to take us there and back, and we arrived at the village that was appointed official caretakers of the baths, just in time.  We bought tickets and climbed the rickety stairs up the volcano, the volcano might be called a volcano but it will never explode, it’s just hot enough to melt the mud inside of it into a liquid but no more.  

We waited in line at the top of the mountain/hill until we finally caught sight of the mud, it was far down in the volcano and looked exactly like gray soup, explaining how the people coming down the other side of the hill all looked like they were clay statues that had gone in the microwave and were melting down to the core.  My mom told us to get partners and I grabbed up Hazels hand and squeezed it, she  smiled back at me and adjusted her bathing suit.  farther along in the line Cleo and Ruby were holding hands and talking about what it would feel like, “It probably will make our skin really soft,” I said to Hazel, “It’s mud after all.”

The line slowly curved around the edge of the pool and anticipation piled high in my throat, finally it was our sisters turn and Cleo and Ruby climbed down the ladder, they slid in together and we asked the temperature and they said it was not warm but not cold, soon it was our turn ad we slipped into the mud.  They were right it was in between, but it felt so good!

From the outside it had looked like there was some kind of floor on the bottom but it tuned out it was bottomless! At first I thought I was going to sink but it turned out that the mud was so thick I couldn't sink!

It was so fun! After the bath we washed off in the lakes and changed in the van, then had lunch at a road side stand and headed home.