25 February 2014

The Mall

We went to a mall on monday the day that my daddy left for work.

He left in the morning before I woke up. At 9:00 we left for the mall and stayed till lunch time. First we went into a store to look at shoes for my grandmother but we found none.

 Then my little sister had to go to the bathroom, so my mom took her to the bathroom. And the rest of us (my sister and grandmother) went to another store.

 I got some nice flip flops. At the next store I got running shoes, they're really nice.

 The next store I bought some pajamas. My sister bought a night gown (that she will prabobly only were for one night and never again.)

After that we went to a place with really nice sun shirts. I picked out one and stella picked out one.

Then we went to a electronics store, but we didn't buy anything there. 

In gap I got  these really nice pants. 

Just another day at the mall

23 February 2014

The Canal with Remi De

In the San Blas we made friends with the people on Remi De. The parents are retired proffesional water-skiers and the kid is Remi, they named the boat after her.  They're really nice and after the San Blas we met them again in Shelter-Bay Marina, and after spending a couple of days there they had to leave to go through the canal. Luckily we were invited to come and be line handlers on their boat so we could experience the canal before we had to do it ourselves.

We had a really fun time with Remi while we watched the huge loc gates open and close behind us as we pushed through onze of the biggest accomplishments of mankind.  Our parents were of course completely awed, and we were kind of too but it was really awesome to see the water rise when they let it come in from the bottom

09 February 2014

Shelter-Bay Marina

We arrived in Shelter-bay Marina about a week ago and have been working on various projects. My mom has been stocking the boat up on food for the pacific, my dad has been taking care of the boat and fixing it up for the canal and pacific, so far my sisters and I have been trying to keep up with school work and stay out of our parents way, mostly by spending a lot of time in the pool. My mom comes back from the city everyday tired when she realizes she's going to have to cook dinner in the mess the boat is in, she usually sends us up to the restaurant to eat. We did that for a couple of nights until we realized that the food at the restaurant was not so good and for the next few nights we just dealt with the mess and cooking dinner.

The people at this marina are really friendly and we've made a lot of new friends. When we arrived our old friends were here but the had to leave after only a day and we were left with just ourselves.  Unfortunately most of the friends we've made here have already left to go throughout the canal or back to the San Blas islands. Because it is a marina there is not much wildlife that you see everyday but tales follow us of crocodiles in the water and Jaguar sightings on the road to the city, and even just running on the path my dad saw 5 monkeys.