04 April 2014

In the Clouds

On Tuesday we went to the clouds.

Let me explain it better.

On Tuesday we went on a hike to a volcano it was an 18 kilometer walk.
First we took a big cab for all of us up half way then walked the rest to were we were supposed to see  a good view of the whole island.

But when we got there we saw nothing well not nothing just white all white and some bushes but nothing else. The tour guid even looked surprised at how white it was.

After we saw the "sight" we walked another eight kilometers to a rocky place were we collected rocks to build fairy houses. After, we sat down to have lunch and build.

Stella built an amazing fairy house. On the way back we saw lots of beautiful plants and caterpillars.
We also saw lots of myst later we found out that we had been walking in the clouds!
when we were walking back home me and my walking buddy put beautiful wild flours in our braids.
But by the tim we got back they were all out.

A Farm Day

We're leaving soon for the islands in French Polynesia, The Marcecies.  Before we leave though we need to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables because we ran out of them coming from Panama to here in the Galapagos.  We do this every we time we leave for a passage, but this one is going to be at least three weeks long so we need to get a lot.  The store in the town is unreliable because it only gets small shipments every few days, so we are going to go up to the farms that supply the store with most things.

At first we did not have high hopes because the first farm was a run-down dump and did not have very good produce, but the second one was really good and we got everything we needed.  We drove into the drive way, scattering a bunch of ducklings who were feeding on a watermelon rind, and sat on the bench to wait for the owner.  The owner was a tanned man with a machete and knife case attached to an old leather belt and... He only spoke Spanish.   When we asked for bananas he took a long branch, looked for a while then poked just the right spot so that the clump of bananas slowly lowered itself down and he took his machete and chopped the whole bunch off and the tree sprang right back up!

When we got back we were excitingly telling everybody who didnt come (including my sisters and dad), how amazing it was.  We gotten everything we wanted and more, overflowing all of our bags in the process, watched him chop it all off the plants when we asked, and paid forty dollars, a very cheap price.

02 April 2014


We were at the island of Isabella in the Galapagos when one night a woman got on the VHF and warned everyone in the harbor that a tsunami was coming and everyone should evacuate the anchorage for safety.  At first we all thought this was an April fools trick, but when our friends got on the radio we were surprised to here that this was no prank and everyone raced to get their boats ready to leave.  Our friends on Moana Roa were in town that night and we were all panicking to get a hold of them before the wave reached us.  Field Trip organized everybody to contribute any information on how to contact Moana Roa, but nobody had their phone number.  Luckily they had brought their satellite phone with them and eventually we reached them.

When everyone reached their boats there was a mad rush get out.  We hauled up our anchor and weaved in between the moving boats until we passed in between the jetis and sailed out sea.  We kept our radio on so that we could here what everybody was saying about the tsunami.  Apparently there had been an earthquake off the coast of Chile and a tsunami was heading our way.  

We spent the night 20 miles away from shore and didn't have the time to develop a good watch system so everyone was tired in the morning, luckily a surprise was waiting for us.  By 7:00 in the morning we had caught a 35 ilb tuna and we were all excited for lots of tuna dinners in the near future.