27 June 2014


Today we're making bagels, first time, from scratch.  It sounds hard, and it is, but I think it's worth it.

Like any bread type recipe, it starts the same, one big bowl, yeast mixture, let it sit.

 I followed instructions, adding flour and sugar and salt until I had a nice and sticky dough.

I let it rise in a greased and covered bowl for a while until it had nearly doubled in size.  Turning it onto a floured surface I kneaded it until it turned smooth and elastic.

I then seperated the dough into small pieces, kneaded them and punched holes in them then let them rise on a greased oven sheet.

When they were round and fluffy I dropped them into boiling water for 1 minute each side until they were bloated and greasy.  I then placed them back onto the greased sheet.

When all of them had been boiled I baked them on high heat until they began to brown.  We arranged them on a platter and had them for lunch, hot with butter.

25 June 2014


Me and my friend Remi play minecraft a lot. We always play survival and were really good at it.
The first minecraft day is really hard but once you have a bed and a house it gets fun and easy.
First thing you should ever do is look for sheep and try to kill them to make wool for a bed. Once you have three pieces of wool you get wood. This way you can sleep when it gets to be night. If not then you should just dig a hole and wait till day. The next you should continue your work on a bed if you don’t have one. But if you do have a bed then you should work on a house. There is controls on the left had bottom corner. One arrow for forward and one for each side and one for the back. 
Sunset in minecraft

We played it last night at our sleep over. Me my sister and Remi can all go on the same world and build houses together we can even see each other on the screen. Usually people have under ground houses because there easier to make. That way you only have to break the blocks not collect them and then put them down. On my special world I have a glass house. You have to cook sand to get glass in a furnace. 
A furnace is made out of stone you can make. There is lots of other stuff besides stone you can mine like coal and diamond. 
Crafts table

You have to kill pigs and cows and chickens  to get meat, you can cook that meat in a furnace also. It takes either coal or wood to burn on in a furnace. There is all sorts of tools to breaking stuff faster and more efficient way of breaking stuff, like a shovel you can break dirt anyway but its easier to do it with a shovel. Unfortunately all those tools run out eventually. A sword for animals and a pickaxe for mining, and an axe for wood. There are also tuns of other details about minecraft but those ar efor someone else to tell. 

19 June 2014

The Kotays

Stella's friend Shainee Kotay came to visit us in French Polynesia. Her moms birthday was just before they arrived so we celebrated with some chocolate cake and wipped cream. The next day we swam in the morning but by 10:30 we decided to move to another anchorage. We thought it had a real beach but no such luck it was all coral. 
Beautifull blue water of Rang-a-Roa

We collected coconuts and started opening them my dad brought some tools like a crowbar and hammer we opened so much coconut. 
Me and Shainee opened one. I would break part of the husk and she would pull it off it was really fun.

Nira Shainees sister opened one with Stella. Afterward we went snorkeling back to the boat and ate lunch. On the way back we jumped on the trampoline and went so high.

We played card games for the rest of the day then we went out to dinner I had pasta with seafood. 

The next day they tought us a game named spit we got ubsessed with it and played it till they had to leave. We had a very good time with them.

11 June 2014

Flat Bread

We were introduced to flat bread from my moms friend Toni. She lives on a catamaran.
They have been our friends for a long time. She brought bread to our boat for a party, there was tons of bread but 
we ate it all. Toni gave my mom the recipe and the next the day we tried it. 

I decided that I wanted to try making it so I got the bowl out well at least I did that right but after that every other thing went wrong. The first mistake was I didn’t put the oil, warm water and, sugar, yeast in the right the second mistake was that I burned the water and it burned off the effect of the yeast. The third mistake was I didn’t wait to put the  flower in so it did something bad I didn’t even get to know what it was before my mom was yelling at me. 

I felt so bad that I messed up everybodys food. It turned out that the bread surprisingly
 was actually not so bad my mom even said “this isn’t so bad” see I told you it isn’t.
After that all my flat bread was excellent with a spice called zatar that we love and some 
olive oil. 

There is a recipe to this bread and its the best you’ll ver get so listen up.

1 1/4 Cup warm water (110-120 degrees fahrenheit)
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 pkg yeast (2 1/4 tsp)
1 Tbsp sugar 
3 1/2 Cup flour

Combine the water, olive oil, yeast, sugar. Let stand 10 minutes. Add
flour and a pinch of salt. Stir with a wooden spoon until well combined.
Cover and let rise 45 minutes. Then put in pan with olive oil and cook.

                                                Eat up!

08 June 2014


From Tahanea we moved onto Fakarava, but we were only able to stay one night.  As soon as we anchored we got the weather report and it was bad, the wind was going to turn around, coming from the north-west instead of the east, right where we want to go!  We decide we need to leave so that we can get to Range-a-roa before our friends arrive, but we are leaving just before Remis birthday so it's a bittersweet goodbye.

We make the 2 day passage to Range-a-roa into 11/2 days and get in late in the morning.  We go snorkeling before exploring the town and we see lots of fish but its too deep for us to see much coral.  The town is split into 2 parts, one on each side of the pass, on our side we find 2 good grocery stores and 3 restaurants, one with fast internet.

 The internet cafe
Dolphins jump in the pass

The day after we arrived we focused a lot on school because we had been missing lots.  in the afternoon we spent time at the internet cafe, but we got held up by the rain and we were late getting back home.  All in all i'm liking Range-a-roa.


Two weeks ago we sailed to an atoll named Tahanea.
We went with our friends on a boat named Remi De. Our windless broke when we were coming in to 
the harbor so we couldn’t anker. Remi De called us over and said you guys could raft up to us while 
you fixs your windless. Me and Stella jumped for joy we had never been rafted up before. 

The next day my dad still hadn’t fixed our windless so we stayed rafted up to Remi De. on  the beach we found out that there was a little river that had tons of current so we played in it, drifting down our backs. Almost every night we made a fire on the beach and had dinner together.

We stayed rafted up for a while,strate to the beach and started making a hut. I shared my big hut with every one else and it became the community house. we spent all our time in the huts we evan did some school inside them. Unfortunately we had to levee them relatively soon to go to another anchorage. Me and my friend Remi (from Remi De) would always go looking for shells on the coral beach, then we would pile them on our fold up chairs and sort them. 
well until we decided to move to a less rocky Anchorage. When we go in I went

 Remi had water skies and nee boards and a big dingy so we would go water skiing and nee boarding.
It was fun. I got up on the water skies the third time. After that I got the hang of it. 
I got up on the water skies the third time I did it its harder than it looks but after that I got the hang of it. Nee boarding is also hard but definitely not as hard as water skiing. Remi can do turns and ride backwards she can even stand up on it but I never tried. Me and Remi made up a thing were we ride on the same board I can even start on my board and switch over to hers.