28 July 2014

Click Clack Scraaaatch

Yesterday I heard a ghost story and I thought it was good enough to blog about so I'm blogging about it: Once Upon a time there was a married couple. One day the kind old lady got very sick she got so sick that she died. The old man buried her in his back yard so he could have her close. That night he heard a click clack scraaaatch he thought my wife is still alive! So he called up the grave diggers and dug up his wife he first that his wife's finger nails were all  bent back and there were scraaaatch marks on the top of the box. he was freaked out so he selled his house and moved to the city.

A single women and her daughter bought the house. The women said Elizabeth (the daughter) go and fetch some milk from the city  her mom warned her not to bye candy instead or she would be sleeping outside. So she went into town and was about to bye some milk when a police officer came up to her and said BEWARE THE CLICK CLACK SCRAAAATCH IS COMING she was so surprised that she bought candie instead of milk. That night she was sleeping outside when her tent zipper went zzzzzzzz and was pulled down a hand reached in with gnarled an bent back nails she screamed. Her mom thought she'd seen a spider and didn't let her back in (a terrible mother I hate spiders.) The next morning her mom came in to check on her daughter or what was left of her.

Spooky right? It scared me at leest although I didn't get nightmares. Hope it gives you the freeks.


Huahine is a just a morning sail from Raitea so we got in right after lunch. As soon as the anchor was down I was off the boat and in the water.  We played in the grass for a while then jumped on the paddle board for a “paddle” around, (like I could paddle 7 kids on a sinking board with one paddle).  The parents came in small groups and we divided into teams for volleyball, my team won 2 games and the other team won 1.  

It grew late and we lit a bonfire to toast marshmallows on sticks and ate brownies for desert, we told ghost stories by the fire and played tag games until late into the night when the stars and moon were out.

We did the same  thing for 3 days with small differences, like going surfing in the morning some days, and wake boarding some days.  I fell in love with surfing and got better and better at volleyball every day, I played and joked around with the boys off Moana Roa all day and had so much fun.  This morning my dad and Cleo and I jumped in the dinghy with the paddle board and kayak and headed off to the surfing spot we go to every morning before school, I caught a few waves but mostly either fell off my board or joked around with Bo off Moana Roa. 

I’m having so much fun I want to stray here forever but unfortunately we have to leave for internet and connection to the real world outside of my paradise.

19 July 2014


After Moorea we moved onto Raitea so we could do repairs, like getting new batteries, fixing the computer, sewing the stackpack.  Most of the time we were tied up to the town docks and we spent our days skateboarding, ripsticking, and getting ice cream, we made trailers to horor movies for fun and every night was a party.  We had a great time playing with all of our friends who were with us at the docks too, Moana Roa, Remi De, Elena, Moxie.

One day we decided to hike up to the top of the hill shadowing the harbor, at least a 5 mile hike.  We went with the Elena boys and had fun making bows and arrows out of bendy sticks and getting chased by a very protective mama cow.  We told stories about other hikes we'd been on and finally got to the top, we spent some time on the top of the hill, eating bananas and looking at the wonderful view from the mountain.  You could see everything, we saw the docks where our boats were, we saw the parking lot with all the food trucks, we saw the town square and the ice cream shop.

When we got back down our feet were sore and our knees aching from climbing that hill, but we got showered and dressed for dinner out that night, we walked along the pier, looking for anything that struck our fancy but we didn't find very much, finally we went back to the first food truck we had seen and all had steak frite for dinner.

Remi and Me

Last night I had Remi and the Elena kid's come over to have dinner. We had appetizers of bread and cheese, and did a dance party. I got an app that you can make music videos on. We did a contest of who could make the most hilarious music videos, Stella was the judge. I went with the two youngest people from Elena Sam and Archy. Remi went with Jasper the oldest from Elena. It turns out me Sam and Archy won the first contest.

For the second contest the teams were me and Remi, and Sam and Archy. Half way through the other team quit but we kept going. It was the most funniest i'v ever made after Elena went home me and Remi decided to have a sleep over together. We stayed up really late talking and wrestling and telling funny stories. In the morning we woke up and stayed in bed but finally we had breakfast together. Today is saturday so we dont have to do much school. Remi helped me do my blog about the night before. Her dad brought over her school so she could stay at my boat.

16 July 2014

Lil' Savages

From Tahiti we moved to Moorea the distant mountain blocking the sunset from Papeete harbor.  It was only a day sail and we got in in time to have drinks on shore and play around with friends while watching half-naked polynesian fire throwers.  Apparently this was the evening celebration of the puddle-jumpers regata, wich had taken place that day.  We ran around played with glowing party toys late into the and discovered an olympic type event tomorrow in wich anyone over 12 could participate in teams, paddling conoes, husking coconuts, running with weights and a game of tug-o-war.  Eagerly Cassedy, Travis, Beau and I, the only kids over 12, signed up, naming our team the Lil' Savages.  Although the four of us were the only kids old enough to actually compete in the games, there were many other kids in the harbor so we had plenty of cheerleaders and supporters.

The next day at a little before 10:00, we all drove over to the hotel that was hosting the games, my team mates were there and we drew markings on our faces like savages, now we looked the part.  We waited for our time and gathered fans and sponsors (virtual sponsors of course), all the other teams were adults around our parents age so we were by far the youngest people out there, so naturally we gained a lot of support.

At last it was time for us to get into our outrigger and prepare for the race, obviously the leader of the celebration sympathized with us because he gave us a little bit of a headstart so we could afford to lose a little bit of time when we started, but it turned out we didn't need it we won easily and smoothly, with out crashing flipping or cheating, encouraged we cheered and clapped along with our gigantic crowd of fans.

We didn't race again for a little while but we watched our dads get there butts kicked when they raced against a couple of other adult teams, we booed along with the crowd as they came in third, disqualified from the next conoe races, we teased them about losing badly to a bunch of teenagers then rushed to pick the best canoe with the best drivers, last time winners.  This time we didn't get a headstart because we had obviously proven ourselves last race.

We won and won, but in the last and final race, the one determining the winners, we got second place and not first.  It was still a very good score, but we were all disappointed just a little, but not too much!

07 July 2014


The sail from Rangiroa to Tahiti was a day and 2 nights, for the first night and half of the next day, we went as fast as we could so we could get there with out spending another night out at sea, but when it became apparent that we weren't going to make we slowed down.  As soon as we slowed down it was much more comfortable, and we stopped rocking so much.

It was early morning when we motored through the pass and even from far away I could tell that there were a lot boats in this anchorage, maybe even more than Cartegena.

As soon as we anchored we all packed up to get off the boat and onto land, we walked up to the marina office and dropped off my dad and Jade to wait for it to open and then continued up the road to the grocery store.  We hadn't been food shopping for so long and we were almost out of food, so we had to buy a lot.  I got a cart and tried to push it but the back wheels moved also so it went sideways when it was pointing straight ahead, Cleo and my mom thought this was so funny and laughed their heads off when I tried to get through the doors to the store.

We shopped and shopped and shopped and shopped, and when my dad came back with not only Jade but also Remi and her parents, we did more shopping all together.  It was really fun, running around the store playing hide and seek and spying on the parents, and when we got hungry we went and got lunch at the cafe and ordered paninis a foot long!  Soon we got tired and the parents finished shopping so we went home, but it had been really fun.

04 July 2014

My Birthday

A few days after my grandparents came we celebrated my Birthday. 

I had toasted baguettes with strawberry jam for breakfast, then I went back down and read.  At about 10:00 Nanna and Nonno came and we got ready for snorkeling.  We spent half an hour snorkeling and swimming then came back for lunch.  For lunch we had quiche, cabbage salad and bread, it was really good.  

Later Daddy and Nonno went scuba diving and my mom went for a spa treatment, so Nanna took me and my sisters to the pool.  When we got tired of the pool we went back to the room for showers and pedicures.  

We did each others toes and I got mine a gorgeous blue color that was kind of iridescent.

When everyone got back my mom produced a delicious Key Lime pie for a birthday cake, we stuck candles in it and sang the happy birthday song, then we ate it and it was soooo good!

My sisters then brought their presents and begged me to open them so I did, because i’m such a nice sister.  

Cleo and Jade both gave me bracelets and Nanna gave me clothes and jewelry, my mom got me a fancy headset that has its own 3 gig. storage, and even though Mimi and Pop weren’t here they had sent me presents.  

It was a good Birthday.

01 July 2014

Pearl Farm

The Tuamotan islands are famous for their pearls so we decided to take a look at on of the pearl farms in Rangiroa.  The bus took us to a small gazebo like seating area outside of the giftshop and a tour guide told us about the difficult task of extracting a pearl from an oyster.

He explained how each oyster is specially raised for 5 years until it can produce a pearl sac.  Once   it has grown to a good size the technicians use the lip from a younger oyster (also called the graph) and insert it into the older oyster so that the pearl it will produce will have good color shinyness.

After the oysters have the graph they are placed back into the ocean with nets to keep away predators, they sit there for 2 more years until the pearl has developed enough to be extracted.  A separate technician then takes the finished pearl, determines if it is worth keeping, then places a bead, a small ball made from the shell of the oyster, into the pearl sac so that the oyster can continue producing pearls.

We watched the workers at work for a while then wandered into the shop so we could look at the finished pearl jewelry.  We mostly browsed but Nanna, my grandmother, let me pick out 2 pearls so that the lady could make them into earrings!  They are beautiful and unique, made from the black pearls of the Tuamotan atolls.