31 August 2014


At 9:00 one morning we made muffins and went into shore for a weaving class.  We picked up a few people on the way in and we were a full boat when we got there.  The family had caught a fish that morning and they served it grilled for lunch.  For dessert everyone on the boats contributed, there were lots of different kinds of brownies, cherry coconut muffins, blueberry muffins, chocolate coconut cookies and hot chocolate.  After the kids had lunch we sat on the sand playing games and talking, mostly games that did not involve running around because I had a hurt foot and couldn’t run.

Soon the adults were done and the local family gathered us on the beach and started weaving.  One Sister cut palm fronds a certain length and skinned the ends, one sister showed us how to start by weaving the outside rim of the hat, and a third sister showed us how to weave the top and hardest  part of the hat.  I did all right with the rim but I had to hand it over to the woman to finish when I got to the top part, I watched her and when I understood I grabbed up another one and did it myself.  After I had made two hats I wandered around the beach an saw the mother of the family teaching a group of cruisers how to make little things like stars and cubes and plates and bags.  I sat in then taught my sisters and mom. 

After the class was done we drove home laden with christmas ornaments, hats , plates and bags all made from palm fronds.

28 August 2014


We sailed to Bora Bora on sunday we stayed there monday and tuesday today is wednesday 
and were going to the Hilton were there’s some wifi to work with. I know I’m supposed to have a good
report on Boring Boring (Bora Bora) but it is kind of dull here I really want to move on to the next island.
So far all I’v done is go shopping which isn’t very nice either on top of that we have no friends here all of them have moved on. On the bright side theres a freezing pool and a spa that I’m not aloud to go to so yah that pretty much sums it up.

 But thats not why I was writing this, the real reason was Dungeons and Dragons its an amazing spooking adventures game that I looooooove. The night before a boat named Moana Roa left Bora Bora anchorage we played a game called Dungeons & Dragons everyone has a character they pick what there character is either a Wizard, Rogue, Cleric, or Fighter. I’m a Wizard and Stella’s a Rogue. My friend Lovisa is the Cleric and Dads the Fighter. We go on adventures to earn money from the city Flee Grin. We just defeated a big black dragon with latin spells since were studying Latin in school to help with other languages. Stella was a rogue and could wield the latin magic and saves us all. Well i’ll tell you about the next time we almost die well goodbye till next time.


We sailed from Bora-Bora to an island called Muapaha. All our friends were their, and they too us that the island was inhabited by locals. They lived with each other in one house on the island getting food from the sea. One day we decided to meet them. There were two older people a man and a women married, and there was some teenagers one boy and three girls. The boy was named Heo he could put his hand in the water and a fews minutes later come up with a fish or lobster it was amazing. The girls were almost all identical, they would collect shells and make the most beautiful necklaces.

Every day we went to the beach and collected shell and bathed our feet in warm coals from the fire the night before. On The island which was actually an atoll (a stretch of land around a lagoon) there’s hickes to the other side. That is the perfect place to find shells because it was covered in coral. Remi De an boat that we know that was on the island found about 150 shells from that beach which is probably why we only found a few. 

We moved over to the other side of the atoll for a day and went fishing, but we weren’t very successful. The next day we moved back to the other anchorage for my friends birthday. Of course her B-day was on the beach with the native family they taught us how to weave hats out of palm fronds I still have mine although I doubt I could make another one.

On our last day a swedish boat offered me and my friend Remi to go wake boarding with them (wake boarding is snow boarding on water.) I have never done it before but Remi told me I did very well on my first try. I didn’t want to leeve my friends behind but I had no choice, the next front was in a week and my dad had meetings in Tonga so we had to leeve.

Mualpihaa (Mal-pee-ha)

After Boring-Boring aka Bora-Bora, we sailed past the rough waters of Malpeete (Mal-pee-tee) and into the lagoon of Malpihaa.  It’s super calm and deserted except for one family who came here against all odds and are living peacefully by themselves.  We joined up with Remi De, who we hadn’t seen in a while and welcomed Elena, Breeze, and Field Trip when they came in. We had a fire on the beach again which we had been missing, and toasted sausages and marshmallows on the open flames.

We were excited to be back together with our friends that we had sleepovers almost every night and were so tired at the end of the week that I got sick.  Luckily it only last one day and I was better when I woke up the next day. 

Elena dad used to be a professional sailor so he gave us sailing lessons everyday on our little optis. every night we had fun on the beach and we all brought food so it was kind of like a potluck.  we stayed on the beach by the fire late into the night and fell right asleep when we got back to the boat.

08 August 2014

Boring Boring

From Riatea  we moved to Bora Bora and took up a mooring there.  We got in in the afternoon so it wasn’t long before we went over to Caminante for game night.  The Moana Roa boys came over to play also and when the game was done we went crazy over the little dolls and play cars like little kids.  Too soon it was time to go and we went home where we watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas, for some reason.  The next day Moana Roa left and I was without kids my own age, and just because, we all got sick and it started raining (and it didn’t stop after 3 days).  There was nothing to do, no internet to get in touch with the real world and no friends to play with.  I got an infection in my foot from stubbing my foot on a piece of coral and we all had a cold.  Boats started leaving the anchorage and I couldn’t blame them, it truly was Boring in Boring Boring.

Most of the time I laid in bed and listened to music until I was sick of all my songs.  We all took Vitamin C’s until we were running out and we just laid around unless we got internet, which was not very often.  Once we went to this bar with a pool when it stopped raining for a little bit but the pool was freezing and I spent the rest of the time running back and forth trying to get warm and waiting for my mom to come and get us.  But once she got there it started raining and we were stuck there for at least another half an hour.  Ugh!

Luckily tomorrow we’re leaving! We are getting out of here!  We are leaving Boring Boring and never coming back! Hopefully!

01 August 2014


We're back at the dock in Riatea and having just as much fun as before, everyday as part od school we have a physics lesson with Caminante dad and learn formula's and do experiments for 2 hours.  We always try to do our school as quickly as possible so we can get off the boat and go to town for ice-cream and ripsticking.  Yesterday after school we got on hiking clothes and grabbed bottles of water and sharpies (for drawing tattoos when we got bored), we walked along the street 'til we found the path up the mountain.  As we walked we talked and joked around with the boys off Moana Roa playing Truth or Dare, our new obsession, and drawing weird pictures and words on our arms, we walked real slow so we were soon way behind but we were having fun so we didn't care.

At the top we joked about throwing rocks down and hitting people (we didn't do it of course), and they told us about a time when they had caught a chicken on a hike, carried it all the way home and kept it in a chicken pen. There was a rooster on the mountain and I laughed as they asked their mom, "If we catch it can we keep it?"

We walked home and took showers before heading over to the boys boat for a movie night, we had fun and stayed up late into the night.