06 November 2014

A New City

On our first day at the dock we decided to go to the mall and see what Brisbane was like. It wasn’t a very big mall just a little clothes store, grocery market, and toiletries store.
we walked around there for but didn’t buy anything. Then we walked over the big lake and on a bridge and saw a parade marching threw this part of town. We wanted to join but it was getting to late so we settle for ice cream and home.

The next day my dad and Jade went to the office to work and my mom and Stella went shopping  I stayed home. It was kind of boring just staying at home with no sisters to play with, but on the other hand there was no mom to push you to do school I had a relaxing day of school and play. But when my family got home there was lots of noise and everyone telling me that i should’v done the dishes when they were gone (exept I was educating myself instead.) But finally everyone settles down to read or sleep.

On thursday I met up with my friend Remi after school we decided we would go to the factory outlets which are a series of big shops that sell regular everyday things.
Remi and her mom took us in there car it was a fifteen minute drive. By the time we got there I was so hot and sweaty that it was a real shock to go into a building with AC. First we went to the food court to get some lunch.

 My sister bought a leather jacket  and some jeans in a store were i bought a sweat shirt and Remi bought jeans also. 

We didn’t find any shoes that were good for walking. mostly we just looked at all the expensive things that we couldn’t get. My mom gave me 200 dollars to spend on clothes. so far I  have 193 dollars left to spend, I’m doing pretty good. I really wanted to buy everything in site but i managed to control myself and only get the essentials. Australia is really expensive but i think we’ll manage.

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