20 November 2014


On November 16th we flew from Brisbane to Melbourne for my moms birthday. It was a 3 hour plane ride to the Melbourne airport, and a couple minutes in a taxi from there to the hotel. Our room was nice and comfortable with two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, a sitting room and even a kitchen. We unpacked our stuff and relaxed before exploring the neighborhood. My mom had picked a place in Chinatown because we were big fans of Asian food and the other interesting parts of the city were within walking distance. 

Melbourne was awesome! We took a walking tour one morning and my sisters and I spent a fun day with a friend when mom and dad were busy. We discovered hidden alley ways brimming with tasty surprises and neat little squares hidden behind towering monuments. We went to the zoo and saw platypuses and kangaroos and koalas where I was used to seeing snakes and tigers and bears. We quickly outfitted in hats and socks so we wouldn't completely freeze in the ice skating rink (it can be cold in Melbourne) and saw the whole city from above when we took a trip to the Melbourne Star, a giant ferris wheel like the London Eye. At the Imigration Museum we did a treasure hunt while learning about how Australia got such a diverse population and every night we eat noodle soups and dumpling from the many Asian restaurants in the neighborhood. 

I really want to go back. 

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