10 November 2014


My dad rented an office in Brisbane so he could work, but he decided to take us with him so we could also do our work there. The first day we packed up all our stuff and walked across the bridge to were our office is. The office is made up of little rooms with desks and chairs its pretty big it even has a kitchen were you can get really cold water or really hot water instintaniasly if you want.

 Our little room was at the back of the office. It had four desks and four chairs, but these weren't just any chairs these were WEELY chairs that we could push ourselves around in. but there were lots of other people in the office so we couldn't make a lot of noise and we had to focus on our school. 

The second day we went to the office I was the only kid to go. We ate lunch out and had Fo it was really good. the internet is really good at the office the only bad part is that we have to walk a long way to get from our boat to the office  but otherwiseit was perfect.

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