20 December 2014

Movie World

In the Gold Coast there are lots of amusement parks and water parks. We decided to visit all of them with our friends on a boat named Moana Roa. On that boat there is three kids two older boys and one younger girl. First we visited Sea World it was okay, but Movie World was the best. There is a huge  roller coaster right when you enter. It's called the Green Lantern. It was love at first sight for me and that roller coaster, anyways me and Stella had to go on it right away, but I had drag Remi to get in line. There was a platform with two rows and four seats in each row Stella Remi and I sat in the front seats, and Beau and Travis sat in the back.

After we were done with the roller coaster we moved on to the next roller coaster. This one was called Superman it was based on the movie Superman when a train station is blowing up and superman pushes a train full of people out of it.We did this one over and over again it became my favorite
one, because its slow in the beginning then it rockets forward. On our tenth time i managed to not scream as much as I did on my first on it. There are five cars attached to each other and four seats to a car. But the most fun part was having all my friends to scream with and laugh with so thank you
everyone for being there with me.  

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