28 December 2014


I had already been to Sydney before I arrived there permanently on the 22nd of December. I had flown down with my mom to check out schools and apartments before the schools closed for summer break. Sydney is already one of my favorite cities even though I have only been here for around a week or two. There is everything you need in the city center, the suburbs that surround it are beautiful and peaceful and the people are super accommodating and nice. 

We found an apartment located in a nice and convenient part of town, my sisters and I are all enrolled in our separate schools and we're all ready to move in on the 10th of January. After moving around constantly for the past two years, I'm kind of ready to settle into a house for a while. 

We just celebrated Christmas and after getting lots of new stuff I packed most of it away to open again when we reach the new house. It's hard to get organized when you're moving your stuff around all over the place and I've been losing and misplacing my stuff where ever I go, so I've decided to try to get by with as little things as possible.

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